Monday, August 25, 2008


Just letting everyone know that Henry hasn't been born yet...

Yesterday at church a few people asked me how many weeks I had left. I said, "No more weeks. We're talking days, hours actually!" Hopefully that's true and we don't go into the 'weeks' category!

I told Devin that I'm so excited for baby Henry to be born, but I'm worried how Jaxon will deal with the adjustment. I just love him so much and I don't want his little feelings to be hurt or sad if mommy can't help him the second he wants help because I'm dealing with the baby. Jaxon got to hold a brand new baby yesterday and he did love it, so hopefully that's a good sign. He knew it wasn't mommy's baby though. I know he'll learn to adjust, I just hope it's fast!


royalbird said...

Just let him help out and give loves to his little brother and he'll love being a big brother! Remember to give him special attention too, and he'll learn quick enough that he's still got a place in your heart and soon he'll have a pal to play with! Westley has loved being a big brother every time--we always let him help out a lot with whatever he can.

Jami said...

Oh, I want baby henry to be born too! It is so hard at the can't breath, sleep, eat, walk, sit, bend over...AND I don't know about you but I was cranky!
ALSO, you look amazing. I am sure that everyone tells you that...but I am not lying here. You look great...I have made a promise to myself to never be prego with you. It would surely make my self esteem go down the drain!
Make sure and post some wonderful pictures of your baby, and good lucky with birth, it is so exciting!


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