Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay, so the other day I stopped in the San Tan JoAnn's Fabric store. I got what I needed and saw that a few stores down was Ulta Cosmetics. They have a special right now where if you spend $30 on a fragrance you get a free "weekend bag." I am one of those girls who feel like I can never have enough bags/purses, and this one is totally cute so I wanted to get it. I figured Devin's birthday is coming up and it's always nice to get a new cologne for him, so I'd go pick one and get myself this beautiful bag! know the small little craft carts at like Michael's and, of course, JoAnn's? They're like mini carts. Well, that's where I had Jaxon (in the cart) to keep him from running all over the store. I, being nine months pregnant, didn't really feel like having to chase after him, or worse CARRY him, so I figured I'd just leave him in it and head to Utla.

I walked in Ulta and went over to the fragrances. I found one I really like: Happy To Be:) It's yummy! Anyway, I was trying to find a men's one I liked while also trying to keep Jaxon occupied and included by allowing him to smell everything I did.

We were in the store for about five minutes when one of the employees (I'd guess she was about 18) came up to me and said, "Ma'am, we can't allow carts in the store. Sorry."

It took everything I had not to make some smart mouth comment about how I'm NINE months pregnant with a toddler and it's much better and EASIER for EVERYONE involved to have him IN a cart so he wasn't running around the store breaking all the glass bottles on the shelves and getting into everything else he felt like while I tried to waddle after him to make him stop. Okay, Jaxon doesn't really act like that in stores, but he would want to touch and smell all the pretty colored perfume bottles and chances of him dropping one are pretty high. I would bet that any mother would agree that I would just be torturing myself taking him in there without some form of help. The best place for him was in the cart.

I couldn't believe that they were having a fit about this shopping cart! It really takes a lot to offend me. I'm one of those people who when I ask if these pants make my butt look big, I wanna know the truth! Even if the answer is yes! But...I was so offended! I just thought, "You have got to be kidding me! Do you really want to upset me? I'm nine months pregnant and I am shopping with my toddler! You're nuts and you've obviously never done it before or you'd totally understand!" And "Fine. I won't spend my money at your store! Even though I really wanted that bag!!!"

I can understand if it's a rule, but I think the employees need to have a little more common sense when dealing with customers. We weren't running into the isles and leaving skid marks on the floor! I was using it to watch my kid. What is wrong with a shopping cart anyway? Do the wheels hurt the floor or something? I wonder if strollers are allowed in the store because if they're not, how is anyone with a kid, or KIDS, supposed to shop there!? AND...we weren't even in there very long. It's not like we had been in there for an hour and were ruining the floor with the cart...or whatever they were afraid was going to happen!

Of course I couldn't say all that and make a big scene like I felt like doing inside. Instead, I said to her, "Okay." Then I said to Jaxon, "Let's go."

So, I really wanted that bag but I was so mad I didn't spend the $30 to get it!

Okay, got it out of my system! That's enough ranting for one night...

Moms, do you agree with me? Would that make your upset? Or is it just my pregnancy hormones going crazy?


Emily Lauren said...

Ughh, that's so annoying!! Seriously, I understand it's a 'rule' but sometimes rules need to be bent for extraneous circumstances. I would have been bugged.
I remember when i was 9 months pregnant and was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory. I had gotten a lot of stuff to decorate Beckam's room and my cart was packed. After checking out, I was leaving the story and this lady stops me and says "we don't allow the carts to go outside". I was like "are you kidding me? I'm going to have to carry ALL of this, by hand, while 9 mo pregnant???" I was pissed. . . and I didn't even have a toddler with me.

Jami said...

No, I am with you! I would be ticked! She, has never been 9 months prego...if she had been, she would know that your life is basically 10 times harder at EVERYTHING, and would have left you alone. I don't get all these rules that stores have! I am glad that you didn't spend money there!

The Van Fam said...

Wow that is rude! I would have felt the same way! She probably has never shopped with a toddler before or else I'm sure she would understand! I wonder what their reasoning is behind the no cart rule?

royalbird said...

Wow, that would have made me mad too, and I've been in similar situations with all 4 kids. Some people!

Herberts said...

How disappointing! You have every right to be upset! I would feel the same way, but might have mouthed off. Who knows. :)


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