Sunday, November 1, 2009


The other day my mom took me and the boys to lunch at Barros. They have this fabulous kid area where the kids can play while we eat. There were 2 girls playing when we got there. I told Jaxon he could play until our food came. When it came I called him by name to come and eat. The girls noticed his name and started calling it to get his attention. He looked at them and said (in a raised voice), "You are strangers. You will take me!" and ran over to me. I was so proud!

I've talked to him about how people we do not know are called strangers and we don't talk to them. When we are in a store and he wants to wander off I remind him that there are strangers at the store that might take him if he doesn't stay by mommy. I'm glad he recognized the "strangers" and chose not to talk to them and come by me.


Connie said...

That's so cute! Brody has been listening to me more lately (obeying me, I guess you can say lol). ps. good choice on Barros... Tony is obsessed. Swears there's a "special ingredient" if you know what I mean. I just think it's good pizza (;

brady lady said...

barro's is my favorite! yummy! i've always sad stranger danger!


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