Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas List 2009

I know Christmas is still a while away, but I was just thinking about number 2 on my list and thought I'd see what people thought...

1.  Dust buster
Though my Dyson does the job, a handy little tool would be pretty nice for smaller jobs in tighter places.  I bought one a few years back and returned it without opening the box.  I thought I would never use it.  Now, I see opportunities to use one daily.  Thank you, kiddos:)

2.  Adult Footed Pajamas(.com)
I would totally wear these every night after I run and shower and wanna stay all cozy while me and Devin relax and enjoy our shows...Yes, I would love it.  Better than a robe because your legs are covered and better than sweats and a sweater because your tummy/back wouldn't ever catch a chill!

Target and JoAnn gift cards are always on the list too.  Those stores, along with Costco and Ikea, would be my dream stores to go crazy in--like have no spending limit--wow, that would be awesome!

What's on your Christmas list?  Which stores would you choose for a shopping spree?


The Bottjer Family said...

For real? You want adult pajamas? That's funny. You could always get the Snuggli informercial thing. They just came out with designer prints for leopard and zebra (insert me saying 'ohhhhhhhh'). I think a dust buster is a great invention. I have thought about buying one on several occasions, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

The Van Fam said...

ok let me just tell you, my mom got me a dust buster last year as one of my christmas gifts and it was seriously the BEST gift i have ever got. i was like you when i first opened it, i thought why did she spend money on this i have a vaccum and will never use this but i use that thing ALL DAY LONG! seriously i love it! and adult pjs a friend of mine has cute monkey ones that are awesome! such a good xmas gift idea! my fav store to have a shopping spree in would definitely be kirklands. i want my house to look just like that store! i cant believe christmas is so soon!

Connie said...

I suprisingly do not want much for Christmas this year.. besides a Mac, new lenses for my camera, and a new wardrobe. Other than that, nothing really (;

...i've wanted a dust buster for forever now. It would make life a whole lot easier than dragging the beast vacuum out over a few cookie crumbs. I think Tony has forgotten about that one on my list... well I guess, so did I. I better remind him. (=

Kiera said...

HAHA How fun!! Pj's:) I can see you wearing those:) nice and comfy! I have 2 dust busters and LOVE them, it was like the first thing I bought after I got married, I didn't realize there were people that didn't own one haha! But that's cuz I grew up dust busting stuff!:) you should get one! that's a fun list! I dont really have one but I love costco, any store would be fun to have no limit in:) I think haha!!


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