Friday, November 20, 2009

Two Choices

As I stood at the stove this evening attempting to make gravy by myself for the first time, both of my little boys were crying at my feet.  They were both tired and hungry and needed love from their mommy.  I myself, was tired and hungry too plus tired of hearing them cry.

I realized I had two choices:  Get upset, pull the gravy off the stove, run to my room, lock the door and take a moment to push away my frustrations while the boys continued to cry at my door.  OR I could kneel down right there, take my sad boys in my arms and just love them with all I had.  That's what I chose.

As I sat their holding them, I felt so much love for them and gratitude to my Heavenly Father for granting them to be my boys.  It was kinda cute--they both were trying to push the other one off me so they wouldn't have to share mommy.  I thought to myself that though times like the one a few moments earlier are hard, and I might have thoughts of wishing I were somewhere else besides home with kids, there might be a time when I would love to have my little boys small again when all they needed was their mama.

I can't believe Jaxon is already 3.  Time goes by so quickly and before I know it, they will be graduating high school, or getting married, or having kids of their own.  I love my sweet babies and I know Devin and I are so blessed they came to our family.

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