Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I really like Halloween. But, only the fun/cute kind, not the scary/creepy kind. It's always hard for me to fork over the dough to buy costumes, but I always have so much fun getting dressed up and dressing up the boys, husband included:)

The theme was "animals," so here we are...Devin is a Dalmatian, I'm a snake (you can't see, but my pants are like snake skin) Henry is a lion, and Jaxon started out as a sting ray, but when he saw Uncle Josh's hat, he decided he wanted to be a crocodile.

PS...I don't know what's up with Henry's head in this pic--it looks a little strange. It's the only family shot we got, so it'll have to do...
"Mr. Ray" wings
Cute little lion


Connie said...

cute costumes! I wish I could pull off pants like yours! (;

Royalbird said...

Very cute! How did your marathon go?

I'm impressed that Devin dressed up--Corey hates everything about Halloween and I'm just glad that he lets the kids dress up still.


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