Monday, November 2, 2009

Peanut Butter Kid Jr

Devin had a severe peanut allergy when he was a kid so the doctor said it was best if we held out until age 3 with our kids to introduce peanut butter in their diet. It was so LONG waiting until Jax was 3 and I just didn't think we needed to wait that long (after age 1) with Henry, so I gave it to him a few days ago. Mostly, I didn't think he'd have an allergy, not like I really knew, but I figured if he did have a reaction, I'd dial 911 right away. He was fine.

I fold the bread in half and usually he eats the whole thing. I guess this time he wanted to lick the peanut butter right off the bread! It was adorable!

Then he decided he wanted a "nana" to go with it.


Christine said...

Ruthann Seriously your boys are too cute! Of coarse you would have a nana with peanut butter ... its the BEST

Austin and Ashtyn said...

OK that is really cute! And your post before about the stranger danger.. that is hilarious!

brady lady said...

that looks too messy for me! but really cute!


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