Monday, May 31, 2010

The Weekend

We had a great weekend.  It started with Devin getting home around 11 am since it was the last day of school.  Later, we went to my cousins 6th birthday and had fun with family.  We came home and put the kids to bed and enjoyed some tv time together.

Saturday, we got some things done around the house and after lunch took the boys to Nana & Papa's to could spend the night so Devin and I could have a date.  First we went to the temple.  I always feel so peaceful there.  Then for dinner, we went to Buca Di Beppo for some Italian food and it was fabulous as always!  The best part:  we had a $10 off coupon!  Seriously, if you haven't tried it, go there.  It's so yummy!  After dinner I got a new pillow because mine was so flat I would wake up multiple times in the night with a sore neck.  After a little shopping, we came home and watched the Suns game.  It was sad that they lost, but we enjoyed the time together.

Sunday was great too.  We enjoyed church and substituted Jaxon's Primary class because his usual teachers had a baby this week.  The lesson was called, "I Am Thankful That I Can Smell and Taste."  It was a fun lesson to teach because we got to take snacks for them to smell and taste and we talked all about the blessings of our sense of smell and taste.  The kids are so cute.  After church, we had a little nap and started watching New Moon.  Then Nana and Papa and Reina brought the boys back and we had a yummy dinner of crab legs!  After a fun visit with the fam, they left and Henry went to bed.  Jaxon had a late nap so he wasn't ready for bed, so he got to watch a movie while Mommy and Daddy finished watching New Moon.  Jax went to bed when his movie was over and Devin and I read and went to sleep.

Nothing huge happened, but it we had a fun weekend just spending time together!

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