Friday, May 14, 2010


I've been having "morning sickness" at night.  It seems backwards to me.  I've heard that happens to some women and I consider it a blessing because if I was sick in the morning with the daycare kids here, it would be plain awful.  At least if I'm sick in the evenings, when only my own kids are home, usually Devin is home to help take care of everything (including me).  And he is so good at it.

Yesterday I got a call from a lady in my ward to see if I could make a salad of some kind for a funeral.  I agreed to make it and drop it off to her later that evening.  Things were busy all day and I still hadn't made the salad by the time Devin got home.  By then I was so tired and felt so sick I just couldn't stand up and had to lay down.  He was so sweet to make the salad and deliver it so I could rest.  Then, when I was so nauseous I thought I was for sure going to be sick, he came to the rescue with a bowl of Rice Krispies just in time to settle my stomach.  (Eating when you feel like you are gonna barf is kind of the last thing you want to do, but with pregnancy nausea, eating is the cure.)

Then, tonight when he was giving the boys their baths, I heard him telling Jaxon to be extra good for mommy because she hasn't been feeling good.  What a sweet daddy and thoughtful husband!


mattnalisa said...

Congrats on baby # 3!!! With Brycen I was a little sick all day and then really sick at night! It was nice that it didn't really interrupt my activities too much but I always felt so bad for Matt at night bc I was so out of it!

The Bottjer Family said...

when i was prego with tyler i was sick at night and would wake up in the middle of the night soooo noxious that i couldn't fall back asleep. i kept saltines on my nightstand and every time I got up to to pee I forced myself to eat a few and that helped a lot. good luck!

brady lady said...

ok so congrats! but let's be honest, baby #3 for me has been hell! i was sick for like ever throwing up and everything (and only at night, which yes is better than being sick all day but still it was horrible and gross) now i'm big and uncomfortable! so hopefully you'll feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

He is a good "boy" and daddy. He is also a great teacher. To all of you who have kids, grandkids or are just part of our communities. Please get out and vote on May 18and think of how this will effect us. We need our teachers, police, firemen. These people make a difference. And education is an investment in all of our futures. Its only 3 yrs. Lets make a choice that will make a difference for a better future!
Mom Miller


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