Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 PM

I always get SO tired around this time of day.  It's like this everyday and more so with the pregnancy.  

It's probably the hardest time of the day because I am tired and just want to sit and do nothing, but I need to start making dinner soon.  Also, the kids are tired and grouchy, but won't sit and rest because they know if they do, they might fall asleep and of course they fight against it.

It's about the time that I'm ready for a break, but still have about 4 more hours until that's possible.  Maybe 5, depending on when Devin gets home.
So, here's to the 9 hours of the day we've made it through and to getting through the next 5!

Oh, remember this dressing that I loved?  Well, we got a new bottle the other day and it tasted so gross!  We checked the date and it had expired.  We just bought it so we took it back, but they didn't have another bottle to replace it.  So, I have been without dressing for like a week and I was totally craving a nice crisp salad!  
So, I randomly picked this:
And you should try it too!  I ate an entire head of lettuce all by myself the other night with it because it is just that delicious!  I dread picking a new dressing because you have to buy a whole bottle just for a taste and if it's gross, it's all a waste!  But, if you are a fan of Ceasar dressing, you'll love this!


Royalbird said...

What else is Devin doing that keeps him away so long? I mean, in addition to teaching school during the day. I can't remember if you told me.

The Wright Family said...

I know the feeling, it's like gravity starts to pull a little harder around 3! I love my naps! Congrats on your pregnancy! Oh, and you should try the Kraft light Raspberry Vinegarette dressing..I usually hate Kraft dressings but LOVE that one. :)

Lola said...

I love that Blush Wine Vinaigrette too! SO if you need some just call and I'll bring my bottle over, I keep one in stock always! :-)


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