Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Park

Okay, so I seriously can't stand teenagers at the park.  I just think, Really, guys?  You come to hang out at the park?  Did you forget it's for LITTLE KIDS?!

I especially love when they yell swear words at each other and carve those swear words into the cement.  That's fabulous too.  There are babies and toddlers around, knock it off!!!

(Can you tell I just got home from the park where I was trying to enjoy the whether with my boys and there were teenagers there?)

I don't understand why they go there.  I never hung out at the park in my adolescent years.


Royalbird said...

I agree, but then again, since getting old I have an absolute disdain for anybody between the ages of 13 and about 21.

I have to say, when I was a teen, we sometimes went to the park, but I'm pretty sure we behaved more respectfully than that--no swearing, carving words or leaving graffiti--mostly we just would swing on the swings or play frisbee on the grass. And usually it was after 8 pm or even later.

The Stevens Family said...

I hate that too! We went to a Jumpin Jacks inflatable place in St. George and it was completely trashed and torn up! Dawson tore a muscle going down a slide because the plastic was torn at the bottom and one leg went under and whip lashed him around.

Teenagers don't get it. I would never tear things up, and it was much better to find the teenage hang out spot, not the kids spot.

I can't believe they were writing those words into the cement... I'm sorry it wasn't as fun as you thought it would be


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