Thursday, May 6, 2010

Books & Pestering

When I put Henry to sleep for a nap he usually reads to himself a little before falling asleep.  Here's the adorable proof:

One of Henry's favorite things to do is pester Jaxon.  When Jaxon is already upset about something, Henry will just say, "Jaxie, Jaxie, Jaxie" over and over again.  Jaxon will yell at him to stop because he's already angry, but it doesn't even phase Henry.  He just keeps doing it.  It's so funny to watch and really hard not to laugh!

Having one child is so wonderful, but when you add a second to the mix, there are so many more joys that come because of how they interact with each other.


Royalbird said...

It is the 2nd child's job to pester the oldest, didn't you know?

Liz and Navin said...

So I don't know if you remember me but I stumbled upon your blog and think it is so adorable! Your boys are too cute and they seem to have funny personalities! Just thought I would mention that!

Bryce and Candice said...

maybe you should add another one to the mix!


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