Sunday, April 18, 2010


"Pst.  Mommy, we are friends."  Jaxon said this to me as I read him his bedtime story.  What a sweetie!

Oh, and the other day I asked him, "What if someone asked you to smoke?"

His response, "I will say no and I will kick them down."

I was kind of surprised he thought he needed to kick them!  I told him, "No, you don't need to kick them."

"Yes, I do kick them."

Hmm...  Where did he learn this kicking thing?  At least he has the say "no" part down...we'll work on the kicking thing...

And today he told his primary teacher that his dress was pretty.  He must learn that from his sweet daddy!

1 comment:

Royalbird said...

That is funny about the smoking thing, I asked Westley the same thing not too long ago, and he basically gave me the lecture he would give them on not smoking. Kids are funny!


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