Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Church with a Guest

With two little boys to entertain and keep quiet for an hour, sometimes it takes 4 Spiderman action figures.  But when Daddy starts playing, things really get fun!  This is what happened in our pew this past Sunday:

Notice Spiderman in a white shirt and though you can't see it, he is wearing a tie too.  He's "Church Spiderman" painted by Granny.  He's a great time in his skin tight pants and skinny tie!


The Stevens Family said...

HAHA! That is awesome! I love church spiderman!

vegan minus the flannel said...

That might be one of the best things I have witnessed! Very clever that Spiderman is an active member of the LDS church! Nothing better than a superhero in a crisp white shirt and tie! That is so great!- Reins


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