Monday, April 12, 2010

Devin Quotes

Here are a few great things Devin has said lately:

"You legs are about as rough as my beard."
Obviously, I was very flattered.

Devin has a pet peeve of when people make up names for their kids.  Like crazy names with crazy spellings.  He says, "Don't make up names.  There are plenty of names in the universe."  He does have a point.

Then, the other night while we were watching a movie after the kids went to bed, he randomly said, "You should wear lingerie when we watch movies."  I didn't love the idea, but it made me wonder if every man wishes his wife would do this?  Probably.

One of the reasons I love Devin so much is that he always makes me laugh.  Well, he always tries at least.  Sometimes, he's not funny, but then we end up laughing anyway because a failure is usually still funny.  He's so great!


Molly said...

I am sure my hubby concurs.

shirley elizabeth said...

Kymburleigh. That's actually someone's name. I don't think that's correct in any language. It drives me crazy. Few parents should be allowed creative license.

(and Mike always wants me in the pretty/cute/sexy unmentionables he didn't want me to get rid of after going through the temple. it's cute and comfortable and he loves it)

Camille Elise said...

That's awesome! And about your son eating the ice cream cones. It must be a riot to be his mom. In a good way. :)

50centlove said...

haha! This made me crack up! But so true!


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