Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Brownie

I just have to document this conversation Jaxon and I just had while I cleaned up dinner.

Let me tell you this first:  I've never told him he couldn't have more food because it would make him get fat.  I've certainly never told him he was fat or even said anything about his weight, big or small.  I don't call myself fat or anyone I know fat.

Okay, now the convo...

Jaxon, "Can I have a brownie?  I want a big one."

Mommy, "You already had one so you can have a small one."

Jaxon, "How come I can't have a big one?  Will I turn into a fat?"

I just laughed and said, "How did you know?"  (I wasn't thinking anything like that for the reason.  I meant how did he know too many brownies can make you gain weight.)

Jaxon, "Because I just do.  I want a small one."

He just made me crack up!  It's interesting what kids pick up and how they translate the things they hear.  Their reasoning is so funny!  So then he decided he'd rather have a small one all on his own!


Royalbird said...

My kids have done the same thing, only they are pretty straight-forward with their dad about his weight. He accuses me of turning them against him, but I haven't said anything. The things they pick up from culture, seriously!

Molly said...

Ruthann, you crack me up! I wish I had known you better in High School. Kids are funny huh? Nixon just learned the words socks and shoes. SO whenever he sees either he shouts the word LOUD. only it sounds more like the S-word. ha ha. I'm not even going to mention what happens when he says Fork.

vegan minus the flannel said...

Baby Ruth, I have a funny and similar story about Jax! Remind me to tell you on Friday! I have no idea where he comes up with things,but it kinda makes me laugh!- Reins

brady lady said...

brownies are my weakness and yes they make you so fat!


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