Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010 Part IV with Artwork

Easter baskets from Nana filled with healthy (and not-so-healthy) treats and matching outfits!
Devin & Josh letting their food digest.

The Millers are a little crazy (in a good way)!  For every holiday everyone usually brings an activity to do as a group.  For Reina's game, everyone had to draw a picture of a bunny and she was going to judge them and pick a winner.  She decided she didn't want to chose, so she randomly picked a picture from a bag.  As she chose, she said something like, "It'll be fine as long as I don't pick Devin's."  
Here's his picture...
And guess who won???


(Reina is vegan so she really loved his picture.)  
Check out the blog Elisha and Reina write about their vegan lifestyle here.  It's a great read!

Here's my picture.  It needs some explaining...  First, I drew the girl bunny and realized her droopy bunny ears make her look like a dog.  So, I drew her a boyfriend standing up with pointy ears, except as I drew his little arms, I realized they looked like little bunny man-boobs.  Oops!!!
Elisha's picture with a "seatbelt" for the Easter basket.
Josh's bunny was at a carnival.
Here's Nana's cute little bunny.
And we all thought Papa's bunny was great!

Celebrating with family is the best!


Bryce and Candice said...

That is the most hilarious display of Easter bunnies I have ever seen. I am going to have to remember that game for next year. Great idea Reins!!!

Anonymous said...

Moms bunny should have won, in my opinion. Thanks for pimping out our vegan blog, its always fun to get new readers!

vegan minus the flannel said...

It would have been to hard to pick! Each bunny brought something special...except I still hate Devins pic so of course he would win! I love that you kept the drawings to display! I wonder if anybody will make an offer to buy one?? -Reins

Kiera said...

HAHA wow! Ruthann I had no idea you had such a talent for the arts!! Your picture cracked me up.. almost as much as your discription! I didn't really notice any of it but then I laughed at the droopy ears, then the pointy, then the boobs! Hilarious!!! I love the thought process to! Looks like the whole family could use a little bunny art class:) jk!! Very cute, I like how Josh's bunny has super long legs! Anyways sounds fun! oh and the cute little nana bunny is adorable:)

Monica said...

~~*What a CUTE idea for Easter =) I will have to remember this for next year =) I liked everyone's drawings. All different =)*~~


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