Monday, August 3, 2009

Training Schedule Buildup and Wish List

I know I love running, but when I haven't done it for a while it takes a week or so of struggling through it before my body starts to get in shape and used to the workout. I started running last week with just a mile and today was the first day that I felt that feeling of loving running again. It just feels amazing. I felt like I could keep going and going! But I didn't want to push it too much to start out because I know it's important to start slow. It takes about 1 1/2 miles before I am warm, but once I get past that distance, I feel great! I'm sure I'll have second thoughts during the training, especially during the long runs! But, I really do love it!

To anyone who thinks they don't like running...try it and once you get in shape, you'll like it! Of course it's hard at first, but what new exercise isn't? It really is fun!

The marathon training schedule starts with 3 miles and today I only ran 2 so I have to build up a little bit more before the formal workouts start. Formal training starts on September 27. We will be in Disneyland then, (YEA!!!) so I'll have to make a little adjustment.

I got on the Nike website to check out some shoes and my wish list got longer and longer...I don't particularly favor Nike brand, but their website is pretty awesome with a lot of information.'s the list:
iPod arm band
Nike+ iPod Sport Kit
Bean Pod for Nike+ sensor to attach to my shoe
2 pairs running shoes
2 pairs running socks
GU packets
Body Glide


Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

You're going to do great!! Enjoy your training!

The Bottjer Family said...

Make sure you try on different brands of shoes before you make a final decision. =)

I have the Nike armband for my ipod and I love it. it's super comfy and breathes much better than some of the other ones out there.


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