Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My birthday is only half over and it has already been so great! I woke up to a yummy breakfast made by my wonderful husband--crepes with pudding--everything homemade of course. Then after working out at the Y, my phone had 6 messages from friends who remembered me on my special day (plus all the e-mails)! After getting ready I went to lunch and was a little scared that no one would come, but lots of girls did! I was so happy and thankful that I've got so many friends who helped make me feel special on my day.

Oh, I have to mention my awesome girlfriend Kiera got me the movie 17 Again! Hahaha! I LOVE that movie so I almost peed my pants when I opened it because I was so excited! (Not really peed, but I was super happy about it!)

Currently, both my boys are napping and I am just enjoying the quite time. After Devin gets off, my family is taking us out for dinner. Also, My parents are paying for our passports for my birthday and Devin's (his is at the end of August) because next summer we're planning on going to Canada, so that's a fabulous, needed, and exciting gift!

On Saturday I celebrated with my in-law family. They were so awesome and got me some FUDGE (YUM! It's the newly discovered love in my life) and a gift card to my favorite restaurant, Mardenely's, and an iPod for my marathon! Yea! It's pink of course! And, they had a yummy dinner and the cutest little cake with flowers and Dryer's Original Rocky Road ice cream. It's my favorite flavor!

Also, for my birthday Devin said I could buy whatever I needed for the marathon, which I was gonna do any way, but the best part is...he's not going to ask how much stuff cost! Often, when I buy something he asks what the price was and it drives me crazy. Not because he gets upset or anything like that. A lot of times I can't remember what stuff costs. But it's mostly because then I feel guilty for spending the money. So for my present, he won't ask and I won't feel guilty! And later, Devin is making homemade rocky road ice cream!

I think birthdays really are great. It's so fun to have a day to feel appreciated and loved and know that you have people who care. Thanks to everyone! :)

Just a cute sidenote...We haven't given Jaxon any peanut products yet because Devin had a severe peanut allergy when he was a child so the doctor recommended we hold off for our kids until they are 3. Jaxon will be 3 in October so we've been talking to him about when his birthday comes, we're going to Disneyland and he'll get to eat peanut butter. So, last night I was telling him that tomorrow was my birthday and I'll be 23. He was so excited when he asked me, "You are getting peanut butter because you're 23? I get peanut butter when I turn 23. Are you going to Disneyland?" It was cute he made the connection with the 3 part and peanut butter and the connection between birthdays and Disneyland. And, the sweetest part about it was that he was excited for me because he thought I was getting something special for my birthday.

Now, we just have to make sure he understands that we don't get to go to Disneyland for every birthday--I wish though!


Anonymous said...

baby ruth, Happy Birthday!! I know you are a fan of 17 again! Remember we all went and saw it together,even the babies!! Jaxon said he liked the storyline of hsm better but to each his own right! I am glad you are enjoying the day!I baked you a batch of brownies and am having them shipped by ups so enjoy-the brownies i mean not the ups guy! I know you have a fetish for men who drive brown vans! Reins

Lola said...

Hope you had a wonderful day! Wish I could've gone to lunch today instead of work. :)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday! I am so sad that I couldn't make it to your birthday lunch. I'm glad it was a smashing success. Congrats on the ipod too. It makes a huge difference.

Connie said...

Happy Birthday again! I'm so glad it was a good one (: Jaxon is soo cute- aww!

ps. I rented 17 Again today and I totally want it now :p

Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

I'm glad that you had a fabulous birthday! I would have totally met you up for lunch if I wasn't back at work :(


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