Monday, August 17, 2009


I know this can be a sensitive subject, and I'm not super opinionated about it. I think everyone needs to do what is best for their family and if you think homeschooling is the way, that's fine. I have friends who were homeschooled and have friends who currently homeschool their kids. But, I saw this online today. I thought, "Wow, that's harsh."

Props for the creative analogy, but it's harsh. Hahahaha, then I actually had to laugh because directly above this picture, was the title "Myth's of Homeschooling" and I did get my education from a public school, but I'm pretty sure that is supposed to by "Myths of Homeschooling." Yes, actually I'm positive and if I'm wrong, then I'll homeschool my kids.

I think plenty of successful people receive their education from a public school. Also, plenty of successful people are homeschooled.

I loved my public school experiences. I had teachers who cared about me and really made a difference in my life. I know it's not a perfect system, but it's not a bad one either.

Especially being the wife of a teacher, I know Devin really cares if his students succeed. In fact, last Friday, we had to cancel dinner plans because he was at the school until 7:30 working. May I also add that he did/does NOT get paid extra for those hours. Oh, and it's not like his regular salary is anything to brag about either. But he chose to do it because he loves to teach and see children grow, learn, and understand. I know all teachers don't care that much, but it's not fair to say that none of them do.

I don't believe it's a accurate claim to say that a child's only chance at survival in the real world is if they receive their education from home. Like I said, for some people, homeschooling works really well and their kids are smart and grow up to do fabulous things. I just think that pic is a little radical. What do you think?


Jaron & Abby said...

I totally agree with you.

Molly said...

I was both home-schooled and went to public school.
I really think it depends on your child and at what stage of development that child is in life.
I found, for myself, I liked it a lot better when I was in Public school.
However, from the 4-5 odd years I was home-schooled, I dont feel like I was behind in anyway from not having a public school education those years. I went to college, I have a degree and life worked out. lol.
I think there are advantages to both ideas, and depending on your child and their personality, maybe one would work better than the other. None of my family is by any means shy in any way, so being home-schooled didn't make us less social. I am like you and think people take some ideas as doctrine and won't stop their "preaching" about what they feel is the only way long enough to allow others to make educated decisions for themselves.

Austin and Ashtyn said...

I agree with you... And on your post below this, I didnt comment... BUT AMEN!! Look for your own dang stuff our sweet husbands of ours!

The Bottjer Family said...

Totally bogus to me. In my personal opinion, we have the responsibility to teach our children at home, but doesn't mean we have to homeschool our kids. I understand why some choose this method- but it is not the direction I will go with my kids. Both options provide positives and negatives, but we're going to go the direction of private schools whenever possible for our kids. Good thoughts.

royalbird said...

I understand why so many are choosing homeschooling, but I personally feel that my children will be stronger for the adversity they will experience in the public schools that they probably won't face at all if they are home 24/7. Having been a public school teacher, I knew firsthand that most of my colleagues gave it their all and did the best they could. What most parents don't understand is what a public school teacher is up against these days (parents happen to be one of those things). If more parents were supportive of the system and gave time and effort to helping it succeed, the public schools wouldn't have such a bad reputation.

However, if the schools get so bad that permissiveness and bad judgment overrule even common sense completely, I would consider homeschooling.

Connie said...

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