Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder...

Why am I so bad at washing my face?
I get soap in my eyes like every single night. It burns and I hate it, but for some reason, it always happens!

Why did the fanny pack go out of style?
The other night I was cleaning out my closet to see what I could give to DI and I came across 2 fanny packs I used when I was a kid. I put them on and didn't even have to adjust the strap. Had no hips back then and still have no hips. It's a pretty functional bag. Maybe they'll be "in" again someday...

Why can't there be more yield signs in the world?
In Kanab there were lots of yield signs. It was fabulous. I understand we need stop signs in high traffic areas, but I live in a subdivision and there are stop signs galore! It drives me crazy! We need more yield signs!

Why do so many people complain about our country?
I'm not very involved in politics, so maybe I don't know what's really going on, but as an average citizen of the United States, I pretty much do what ever the heck I want. As long as I pay my bills, taxes, and follow the laws, what's to complain about? Life is good. No government is perfect. Of all the countries in the world, I think the USA is a pretty good one to live in.

Why do "they" recommend we water down our juice?
Supposedly, when serving juice to kids it's best to mix 1 part water to 1 part juice. I recently heard that's what adults are supposed to do too. Why don't they just add more water so we can drink the juice straight? And...what does this mean for the frozen juice concentrate? So is that supposed to be watered down twice what it says on the package to meet "their" standards? It's so complicated. Oh, what if I make my own I need to add water? Maybe we'll just stop drinking juice...maybe I should just say, who cares? and just drink the dang juice.

Can DVD's get worn out?
I mean, I know they can get scratched and skip and not work, but can they be viewed so many times they no longer play the movie? If so, thanks to Jaxon, I think this is going to happen to a few Disney/Pixar movies in our home.

Hahaha, wow, sorry for wasting your time!

That's about all for now.

I think I need to get out more.


The Bottjer Family said...

Do NOT wear the fanny pack...... or else!

royalbird said...

Ha ha, thanks for the laugh! I really needed one.

Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

fanny packs are so hideous, yet so useful. I would so rock it if they came back in

Lacee Herbert said...

WOW - lots of good questions!

Brooke said...

I am just concerned that you still have 2 fanny packs. What are you saving them for??????? When I was pregnant or nursing, Spencer always told me that I should carry around a fanny pack with food and water in it because I was always hungry and thirsty and never had it on me. I wish I would have known that there were 2 just down the street.

Moore Fun said...

You are hilarious! I remember those fanny packs. You should totally hold on to them.

Tracy said...

I love this post because I agree with all of it! I LOVE america! I hate it when bad things happen(911), but don't you love the unity that we all get! And double dido to the juice scandal!! .. I don't get it.
and i hate pointless stop signs like the ones in front of home depot and such. Annoying.


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