Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Henry's Almost 1???!!!

On the 27th Henry turned 11 months! Wow. I didn't take a pic of him, but I need to document a few things...

--He's walking.
--He points at everything he wants to know the name of or anything he is interested in.
--When we ask him where his ears are, he touches them.
--When we ask him what a doggie says, he puts his lips in an o shape and makes this soft little noise. It's adorable!
--Whenever he hears music, he swings his arm up and down like he's snapping his fingers.
--He loves his binky but only gets it when he goes to sleep.
--He's so good at going to sleep on his own (something Jaxon didn't do, though I think I made Jaxon that way by always holding him to fall asleep--I'll never do that again!)
--He isn't quite the laugher Jaxon was (is). He smiles all the time, but hardly ever laughs. It drives me crazy! I'm sure any mother will agree that there are few better sounds in the world than hearing her child laugh.
--He really loves his mama, but he is quite the daddy's boy! When Devin comes home from work, Henry gets so excited and gets upset if Devin doesn't hold and play with him for a while.
--He plays "Peek-A-Boo." When we ask, "Where's Henry?" he covers his eyes for a moment, then moves his hands and has a big grin on his face.
--He has his 2 bottom teeth (they've been there for a while) and his two top teeth will be coming in any day. I can feel them right under the surface of his gums. He hasn't even been cranky! What a trooper!


The Bottjer Family said...

I can't believe he's going to be one so soon!!!! It seems like we were at the hospital visiting you just the other day! Man, time sure flies!

Bryce and Bree said...

Hey Ruthann! I got the frame at IKEA. Doesn't it rock?! I have 2 now and I just can't get over them. They're pretty cheap too. $24.99!

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Dax is not even walking yet and he is one in 5 days!! It seems like we were just new in the ward and both prego.. time flys by!!

Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

Now you need to start working on the 3rd !! ive already caught up to ya..just about... :)

The Stevens Family said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Thats so neat all the things he can do within 1 year!


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