Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jaxon's Current Interests

Jaxon absolutely loves to draw or color or do any kind of art project.  
This is my nightstand with remnants of one of Jaxon's art projects.  
 This is such an accurate picture of Jax:  Ironman costume, markers, Buzz, Spiderman cup.
 He says he was trying to draw an arrow. looks suspiciously like something else...  
 Wearing underwear on his head for a Buzz Lightyear helmet.  He's got quite the imagination!
These are Batman figures that he turned into "The Wrong Buzz," Buzz, and Woody.  His idea was sparked because that green part on the Batmen glows, like Buzz.  Then, if you have kids who watch Toy Story 2, you might remember when the gang takes the wrong Buzz from Al's Toy Barn.  Anyway, that's the one with the blue belt.  Then, we have Andy's Buzz, and Woody.  
 I love this boy!!!


Ashley@Divorced&21 said...

I can not get over how funny those drawings are! kids are hilarious!

Connie said...

lol!! When I saw that drawing I was like errrr...

I'm glad you clarified!! haha!


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