Monday, April 11, 2011

Utah Trip Pics

Finger dancing in the car on the drive
Here is Henry at Pasta Factory.  Luckily we got a booth or else we wouldn't have been able to eat there because he needed to lie down.  He basically slept the whole trip since he had just broken his leg.  This was one of the few moments during the whole trip that he was being his silly self.  
Our night in Laughlin was spent in the hotel with Panda Express, and it was really fun.  I almost tossed this shower cap, but Jaxon found it and entertained himself with it for the rest of the night.
When he first found it he said, "Is that what they use to make stuff at Costco?"  I thought it was funny he thought of the Costco sample ladies when he saw the shower cap!
That black rock is his "lava rock."  He learned about volcanos in preschool recently so they were his obsession during the trip.  
Henry laying down, of course.
More shower cap fun!
Story time before bed.
I was trying to get them all to look at me, but I actually love how this turned out with the boys looking at their daddy.  They sure do look up to him!
My little cuties!!!

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