Friday, April 8, 2011

Sometimes Henry Surprises Me

Yesterday Henry surprised me.  He did something I didn't expect when I was dropping the kids off at the "Amazing Kids Center" at the YMCA.  It was our third day going there.  The previous 2 days Henry had thrown a fit when I dropped them off.  Before getting there yesterday, I asked him if he was going to cry when I dropped him off.  He said no.  So, when I took them in there he started heading for the door and saying he didn't want to go.  I reminded him that he said he wasn't going to cry.  He immediately stopped, changed directions, and walked right in!  He is 2 1/2 so agreeing with mommy isn't something that happens all the time.  But, on a rare occasion it does and I'm thankful for those times!

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The Van Fam said...

Good for him! I love those little unexpected surprises from kids :) Thats funny that you posted this because we have been going to the same gym for 6 months now and usually Connor LOVES the kids zone but the last 2 times I dropped him off he was kicking and screaming and didnt want to go?!


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