Friday, April 29, 2011

He Found His Thumb

Look at Ollie sleeping with grandpa!
Ollie is the happiest baby!  He sleeps, eats, poops, plays, repeats.
 I have tried since Oliver was born to give him a binki to pacify him but he has never wanted one.  I didn't care enough to try a bunch of different kinds to find one he would take.  I just figured he was fine without one.  But...It looks like he had something else in mind!  
Uh oh!  I don't want his sucking his thumb so I'll have to find a binki he'll take.  But, the only times I've caught him doing it is when he is hungry and I don't get to him right away.  I better not make him wait or he'll be developing a dangerous habit!
But, it is super cute though!

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Royalbird said...

Thumb-sucking isn't always all that bad and most kids do grow out of it. Caleb started sucking his fingers when he was 14 months old and by the time he started school last fall (nearly 6) he had stopped. The dentist said he'd probably need braces, but I'm betting he'd probably need them anyway with me and Corey for parents!

Oliver is a cutie!


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