Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Henry's Cast Comes Off!

We went in and were told his cast would be coming off today!  [April 12]
After a small scratch from the saw, the cast came off! 
 Good thing he had his fruit strip to get his through!
 Jaxon was so patient and interested while Henry was worked on.
Waiting for the doctor. 
 Waiting for the x-ray to get looked at.
 Oh, it's still broken!  We need to put another cast on!  
WHAT?!  I think I was more excited to get rid of that dang thing than Henry was.  I was such a bummer when we found out he would need anther one!  Not to mention the cost!
 He picked orange this time.  This doctor put a little more bend in the knee and gave him a flat foot so he could walk easier.
 It was a tiring afternoon!

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