Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Sweaty

Jaxon wore his Harry Potter outfit in the car the other day.  He pulled the plastic sun shade off the window, kinda wadded it up, and put it on his head to be Harry's black hair.  Within a few minutes he was asleep so Devin and I figured we better get that plastic off his head so he wouldn't get too hot.  When we pulled it off, his head was dripping with sweat.  He opened his eyes for a second and said, "I'm sweaty" then went right back to sleep.  It was hilarious.  He was definitely sweaty!  You can see it on his forehead and his wet hair.  He gets so carried away with his outfits!

On that same car ride, we stopped at the store and since Jaxon was asleep I stayed in the car with the kids while Devin ran inside.  Henry asked, "Daddy go?"  I told him Daddy went into the store and would be right back.  He asked, "Get food?"  I said, "Yep, he's gonna get some food."  "Chocate?!" he asked.  "Yep, Daddy is buying chocolate."  It's pretty funny that of all the food he knows, his first guess was that Daddy was getting chocolate!

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Anonymous said...

Arent my little men the cutest! They say and do the best things. They really make me laugh and happy. All I can say is They are the BEST!



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