Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend at the Cabin

We were going to go to Kanab for the 4th of July (my favorite place for the 4th), but didn't make it because of all the events with the baby.  Since we missed that opportunity, we really had an itch to get out of town.  This weekend was Devin's last weekend before the new school year starts so we decided we better go since it will be our last chance to go anywhere for a while.  We went up to our family cabin.  It was so fabulous!  Here are some of our adventures:

Fossil Creek Ranch Goat Farm.  They had goat cheese, yogurt, and delicious fudge!  The boys were so cute petting the goats.

One day back at the cabin, it was rainy so we enjoyed the smells and sounds while we sat on the deck.
Well, Devin and I sat while the boys ran in the rain singing, "Rain, rain, rain..."
Pic courtesy of Jaxon
Two little cuties
I love the chubby little profile
Concentrating on the popped balloon
Got that handsome smile!
Henry wanted his picture taken as soon as he saw me taking a picture of Jaxon.
Henry wants to be just like Jaxon and do everything he does.
Another posed cheese
The little stink face.  Henry does this when he tells us no.
Mommy trying to get a kiss.
Henry found a Barbie in the toy box.  He wanted her clothes off and when we got them off, he was excited and said, "Nakie!  Nakie!"  I guess if he's going to play with Barbies, at least he likes them naked!  He loves to dance and wanted to make the Barbie dance.  As he started moving her legs (along with his hips) he accidently pulled one of her legs off.  He was concerned and it was so funny to watch him try to put her leg back on!

The boys also went fishing, but didn't have any luck:(  Jaxon went and when Henry woke up and found out that Daddy was fishing without him, he was sad.  

It was such a great weekend of family, friends, relaxing, great weather, and cute little boys!


Tayce and Lacie said...

I love reading your blog. It is fun to know what is going on with you since we are so far away from each other. I am glad you had fun. Hope you continue to get better. Tell you family hello.

John and Jada McFarlane said...

You guys are pretty lucky. We just had a fun weekend, but we were totally ruffing it. I am not used to sleeping in tents. I bet the boys had fun fishing even though there were no fish!
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