Thursday, July 8, 2010


The other day I couldn't hear Henry.  I'm sure all my fellow mothers know that silence from children (unless they are sleeping) is usually a cause for worry.  They like to be quiet when they are getting into something.  So, I went to look for him and this is what I found:
He went into his room, closed the door, and got the binki out of his crib, and sat down in front of the mirror and enjoyed some alone time.  He is only allowed to have the binki at nap time and bed time so he was sneaky about it.  He is so funny and cute!  I just love this kid so much.

Oh, and the other day Devin and I left the boys in the toy room with some paper and markers so they could color while we finished getting ready.  When we came out, Henry had drawn all over his legs with green marker.  Devin asked him, "What is on you legs?"  Henry said, "Ummm... feet!"  It was so cute because it was like he was stalling to come up with something good, and then he actually had a funny answer!  After we were done laughing Devin asked, "Henry, what is on your feet?"  Same thought process--he responded with, "Toes!"  I guess he's pretty smart, huh?


Nichols Family said...

How funny! My Sam does that too! Whenever he's quiet, I find him in his room with his pacifier in mouth and all of this blankets surrounding him. Funny boys!

Connie said...

haha Oh the binky days... it took Brody three weeks to adjust and three MONTHS till he stopped asking for it! Those things must be addicting! haha


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