Monday, July 26, 2010


First, we aren't moving.  I was just thinking about moving because a few of my friends are moving.  They are moving to new houses, in new neighborhoods, in new towns, and one even in a new state.  I don't want to move out of state.  Both my parents and Devin's parents (and most of both our families) are in the valley so for now, it's where we want to be too.  I am just hungry for some change.  Maybe I shouldn't say it out loud because it might happen!

I was telling Devin my thoughts and he said he doesn't like moving.  Mostly because of the actual moving of boxes and furniture part.  But, I feel like I have moved quite a few times.  I like the change when it is a choice.  I have never moved out of necessity.  It has always been a choice for me (or my family) and I think it would be sad and hard if it wasn't chosen.  It's exciting to be in a new place, with new people, and a new house.  My kids aren't in school yet so they wouldn't have to be switching schools.  I think it would be harder to move it that were the case.  I believe the experience, good or bad, is what you make it, even if moving wasn't a choice.  (Like most (if not all) situations in life!)

One thing I learned from moving is that there are good people everywhere.  Each time I have been sad to leave friends behind, but been excited to make new friends.  And, moving shows you who your true friends are.  Everyone's lives are busy and relationships take effort.  In many cases you, or your friend, might decide (not intentionally, but still...) the friendship isn't worth the effort just because it might take a little more effort now.  If you can stay in contact without living near each other anymore, that's what I think real friends are.  I have loved everywhere I have lived.  I have made friendships that have changed my life and have been very hard and sad to leave (and see go).  

I have helped a few families move in the past year and it makes me itch for a move for our family too.  It's hard to explain.  I am perfectly happy where we are.  I love our house.  It fits us perfectly and we have done lots of things to it to make it our own.  Plus, Devin has a great job with a 10 minute commute so it's not like I want to move somewhere dramatically different.  Maybe just a few (like 20) minutes closer to the freeway, and stores and restaurants, or something like that.  But, it's not like we can just sell our house and move if we want to.  So for now, we're staying put.  

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