Monday, June 14, 2010

Tongues & Toys

As we were leaving church yesterday, the primary music director stopped Devin and me and told us that Jaxon was starting to sing.  I was surprised because he always sings the primary songs at home, but I guess he didn't sing them at church...  Anyway, she was excited he was singing and said he was so cute.  Then she went on to tell us that during one of the songs she was looking at Jaxon and saw this:  He held his Book of Mormon in front of his face, stuck his tongue out, and licked it with one swipe from the bottom to the top!  It was so funny!  Where would he get the idea to lick his Book of Mormon?  She said everyone got a good laugh and that he was so cute!

I got the Toy Story 3 book to read to the boys.  In the beginning, it talks about how Andy is grown up and doesn't have time to play with his toys any more.  I read it to Jaxon for the first time tonight and when I read that part he looked at me with sad eyes and a quivering lip and said, "When I grow up to in a man, I still want to play with my toys."  It was so cute.  I told him that he could and it was okay.  He believed me and wanted me to read the rest of the story.  I love my sweet Jaxon!

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