Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Garlic" Bread

So the other night I really wanted my most favorite salad in the whole world.  The delicious Italian Antipasto Salad from RigaTony's.  But, we weren't able to go out that night, so Devin made me a delicious salad at home.  To go with the salad I wanted garlic bread.  We don't buy the frozen loaf, we just butter some slices of bread and sprinkle garlic salt and put it under the broiler for a few minutes.

Well, when I tasted it, something about the flavor just didn't seem quite right.  Since I'm pregnant,  my taste buds aren't really trustworthy because sometimes they taste strange flavors that have nothing to do with the food I'm eating.  I asked Devin, "What did you put on this?"  His response was, "Butter and garlic salt.  Why?  Do they taste bad?  They should just taste like regular garlic toast."  I told him I didn't know why, but they just didn't taste right and that it was probably just my taste buds.  He figured I was just crazy and we went on with dinner.

We went on with dinner and he got up to get something from the spice cupboard.  As he was rearranging the spices to look for what he needed, he saw that the onion powder was at the front.  Hm...He realized he had put the onion powder on the "garlic" toast by mistake.  Ha!  I am not a totally crazy pregnant lady!!!  He pulled it out and showed me with a guilty little smile on his face.  Lucky for him, he was so cute so I forgave him for making "garlic" toast with ONION powder and then calling me crazy for thinking it tasted funny.

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