Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day was a really fun day.  After church we went over to my parents where my grandpa and all of my dad's siblings got together.  All the dads were blindfolded and given 6 different brands of vanilla ice cream to rate and pick their favorite.  The dads had fun eating and the girls had fun watching and listening to their comments.  Blue Bunny & Private Selection tied for the most liked brands.  But, of course, Devin picked Bluebell right away.  He wouldn't even finish his spoonful of Kroger brand.  He gave me back the spoon without finishing his little taste.

Getting blindfolds on...Uncle Jonny, Devin, Uncle Derek, Aunt Brenda
Danny, Grandpa, Uncle Justen
My Dad
Tasting and commenting (The spouses took notes for each brand so the dads could remember what they liked about each one.)
Dad tasting and Alisa taking Danny's notes
Removing the blindfolds to see the ice creams
There were some surprises in favorites

The best part of the day was when Devin was playing around prodding Jaxon to say, "Happy Fathers Day."  This is how it went down...

D: "Jaxon what day is today?"
J: "Sunday."
D: "Yes, it is Sunday, but it's another special day too.  Do you know what it is?"
J: "It's Fathers Day!"
D: "Yeah, Fathers Day.  So...what should you tell Daddy?"
J: "I don't know..."
D: "How about 'Happy...'"
J: "Happy.........OLD MAN'S DAY!!!"

We laughed and laughed that he came up with that all on his own!

The pumpkins... They are from my parents garden.  My dad just tossed their rotting Halloween pumpkins in the garden to mulch and when they planted the rest of the garden and started watering it, pumpkin plants grew!  Those on the counter are the first 2 big ones!


Royalbird said...

What's with the pumpkins?

Staci said...

What a fun idea!! I would love to try this with a group of friends! Your brother is so handsome and so skinny. I remember the akward, chubby stage and now he is looking great! (You can tell him I said that!) :)


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