Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ragnar: Hot Cops

Here is my team at 7:30 am on Friday.  We were just about to start our first runner and it was freezing!  Literally.  30 degrees.
I thought this was great.  I'd say we were ragnasty by the time the race was over.
All geared up for my first leg--8.5 miles averaging 8:30 miles.  Since I didn't really train I didn't set time goals so I was happy with that pace.  My only goal for this race was to finish my legs, which I did!  This leg had hills and I realized that if run this race again I will have to train for hills--they are hard!  (That's a big IF!)
Getting the "baton" for the first exchange.  It was a slap bracelet.  
Action shot
Water break minus the break.
Here's kinda how the race goes.  2 vans with 6 girls each.  The runners in van 1 run their first legs first. Then the runners in van 2 run their first legs.  While your van isn't running, you can eat or sleep.  Sleeping is hard to do.  After my van ran our first legs it was van 2's turn to run their second legs, and so on.  

Here we are at about 2:00 am.  Van 1 just finished their second legs and van 2, my van, was just about to start our second legs.  My van had gotten dinner and slept while van 1 ran their second legs.  We got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep that night before we were up to run again.  That was not the fun part of the experience.  
While my van's first runner ran her 2nd leg, we got word that one of the runners had been hit by a car and killed.  Everyone couldn't believe it.  We were so sad for him and his family.  We were confused as to what they were going to do about the race.  They had everyone stop where they were and wait while they decided. After 2 hours of waiting we were told they were going to continue the race, but not where everyone left off.  We were to go to the exchange to start van 1's third legs.  This meant that all but the first runner in my van (since she finished hers right after we got this news) weren't going to run our second legs.  I'll admit, I was relieved when I realized I wouldn't be running my leg in the dark!  I was totally scared of that.  But, I was bummed I wouldn't be running three legs.  Some of the girls in van 1 were sick and couldn't run so those of us who had to skip our second legs picked up their third legs.  So, instead of my 6.5 mile night run in the dark, I split a 4.2 mile uphill run and ran 2.2 miles of that.  

We did find out later that the runner who was hit did not die.  He was alive, but in the ICU.

Here I am running my last leg (3.4 miles) down in the valley.  Devin got to see me on this leg.  He was so sweet.  He was really looking forward to going to a gun show that day, but he came to watch me finish instead.  He kept driving past me and whistling at me and cheering me on.  
Coming in on my last leg!  I was glad to be done!  My knees were really hurting by then.
It was a fun experience and I'm glad I did it.  I don't anticipate doing it again because running in the dark is pretty much terrifying for me.  But, if I do, it would only be with girls that I know because with all the down time, it would have been much more fun with friends.  There were 3 other girls who didn't know the group so luckily we had each other.  

There were 350 teams.  These are some of my favorite team names:
"Haulin Asphalt"
"Scrambled Legs & Achin'"
"Gently Rolling Hills My A$$..."
"Knights of the Buffet Table"
"Ragnar, huh...welp, see ya later."
"6 Sweaty Chicks & Their Disco Sticks"  (I'm assuming this was a team made up of couples.)
"Bros and Hose"  (This was a team of firefighters we cheered for because we saw them a lot and were keeping pace with them.)
"9 Dudes and 6 Boobs"
"Hot and Sweaty Cact-Asses"
"High Speed Fartleks"  (Fartleks are a running training drill.)
"My Third Leg is the Hardest"


shirley elizabeth said...

Ruthann, let's plan on a team for next year! ...if they do it next year after the death. My goodness that is so horrible! And I can't believe it happened with all of the precautions the event planners take. Was the driver drunk of falling asleep? How horrible for him as well.

But really, next year. I'll even train during the winter so I can do it.

Oh and sorry we couldn't cheer you on as you came down Grand. We had family temple day to be at.

Louisa said...

Congrats! I think you are awesome with all of the things you have accomplished is such a short amount of time. You are an amazing runner!

Anonymous said...

Babyruth, You are so amazing I am so proud of all you have accomplished. You can do anything and you do. Plus you are the best daughter-in-law and mother. I can never say enough good about you. You just rock it. I love you- Mom miller

Austin and Ashtyn said...

You rock girl!! haha And those names ar hilarious! I wish the team I am running with had a funny name like those..thats hilarious!

The Van Fam said...

looks like fun! i would love to do that some day! i love your sock and all of the team names are so funny!

vegan minus the flannel said...

BabyRuth,I know you love a good race. The criteria is that it has to be hours and hours long or else it will not work. I like your phrase ragnasty because a play on words makes life more enjoyable! love it! The title cact-asses Is the best! Listen,I love an excuse to use foul language but make it appropriate. Call me crazy- Reins

Molly said...

Thats too funny, I saw a breast cancer team once called "save 2nd base" ha ha

Sonda Bryce said...

Hey Girlie...I was checkin in on ya and saw these super awesome pics of you at Ragnar...8:30 miles after all the running you've been doing?!!! You are an inspiration and I am so proud of you! Plus you rock those long socks and shorty shorts! Way to go!

bizzimommiofboyz said...

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