Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sleepy Nigh Nights

I consider one of our greatest successes as parents the fact that all that has to be done to put Henry to sleep at night or for his nap is to lie him down and he goes right to sleep on his own!  I know many kids do this, but Jaxon was never that easy so I really, really appreciate the fact that Henry does.  Often, we'll ask him, "Are you ready for sleepy nigh nights?"  And he'll nod his head or rub his tummy (the sign for please, indicating that he wants what was offered to him).  It is fabulous!


Royalbird said...

Nice. My kids go to bed easily. But they always get up by 6 am. I still haven't figured out how to train them not to do that. If it's even possible.

brady lady said...

both my girls go to bed so easy! i think it's all in the training and we started that as soon as they were born.


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