Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is It Over Yet?

That's how I felt yesterday at about noon.

Last Friday Jaxon went to the doctor and we were told he has pneumonia!  Then, Monday we took Henry to the doctor and he has an ear infection!  Poor little guys!  But, that's not what this post is about.  This post is about the events that happened today.

First, some background...
I have 2 kids, ages 3 1/2 and 18 months.  Five days a week I watch a 5 year old and his little sister who is 6 months.  Three days a week I watch a 5 month old little boy as well.  They were all here this morning.  Keep this in mind as you read about my day.

Now on with today's events...
Since Henry is doesn't feel well, he wants to be held ALL day.  I'm not exaggerating at all.  Usually I can put him up o the kitchen counter with me and he watches me as I do what I need to.  Well, he wasn't happy sitting on the counter.  He wanted to be sitting on my hip.  I just couldn't do what I needed while holding him so I put him down and he got upset.  He started to bang his head on the ground--the tile ground.  Devin says to ignore it, but I can only handle it so long so I put him in his room for a minute so I could finish and then I would hold him.  The whole time he was in his room, literally like 4 minutes, he banged his head on the door or walls.  Well, I guess he did stop for a minute or two to do this...
Looks like he's taking lessons from Jaxon.  

So, after a few minutes I got him out of his room and took him back into the kitchen with me.  There was dish water in the sink so he wanted to play in the bubbles.  (Notice the damage he had done to his forehead--yikes!)
He's happy!
Here's Jaxon in his Mr. Ray outfit.  He wanted in on the bubble playtime.  
I just let them put there feet in, but I guess that wasn't enough for Jaxon.  I left the room for a moment to change one of the babies diapers and when I came back this is what I saw.  He decided to get naked and climb in.  
Since Henry doesn't know how to take his clothes off yet, he just got in!  And he's pretty happy about it!
After they were all dried off and dressed Henry asked for a treat.  Well, he takes like 15 minutes to decide what he wants, so I put the bowl on the floor and let him mingle over his decision.  With how clingy being I was happy to leave him to himself for a minute so I could tend to some other things.  
I checked on him a few minutes later and I realized he was taking all the wrappers off the Kisses and putting them in the trash, only the Kisses that is.  He left the wrappers on the ground.  I took out the ones I could, there were 6, plus 2 he had sucked on before throwing away.  
I ate a few and saved a few.
This was Jaxon that afternoon.  I totally wanted to cuddle up right there with him, but I had a screaming toddler banging his head and 2 babies I had to deal with.  


Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

There is no relief when you are a mom. It seems to scary. I am all about days off. When one holiday is over, I have already counted how many weeks I have to work till I get another day off. I just need to be a rich mom who can hire someone to watch my kids while I am off vacationing in Hawaii.

vegan minus the flannel said...

Henry has always lived life on the edge. Lets face it. However I think maybe we need to have an intervention. Just so we can express to Henry we love him and he can lead a good and head trauma free life. -Reins

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Seriously I dont know how you do it!! You are amazing. I would go crazy, so props to you woman!

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Oh and poor Henrys head!!!

The Van Fam said...

oh my goodness, i cannot believe henry's head! that it so sad, i cant believe that doesnt hurt him when he bangs his head on the floor! hope you are having fun at ragnar. i totally wanted to do it but i didnt think i was in good enough shape. we need to get together soon!


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