Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heating Pad

Every night when I brush my teeth I put my heating pad under the covers at the foot of my bed and turn it on.  Then, when I'm done brushing my teeth and get in bed it's nice and toasty on my cold footsies.  I'm glad I came up with this great idea because my feet are always cold when I get in bed.  Then I try to warm them up on Devin and though he lets me, I feel kinda bad doing it because I don't like it when he puts his cold feet on me.  But he is so sweet for insisting that he doesn't mind.

Oh, but I have to turn it off when I start dozing off or else I wake up all sweaty.  Ew.


Anonymous said...

You sound like mom!

vegan minus the flannel said...

BabyRuth, Gilly is not wrong! It does sound a bit like Terri! I still use the little floor heater right before I go to bed and also in my bathrooom during the shower.There aint no shame or blame in that. Keep it up and live life to the fullest! -Reins

The Wright Family said...

i do the same thing!! Only JD won't let me get near him with my feet, but i always try! :) My pad has an auto shut off, and that's nice cause I'd be too sleepy to turn it off! It's the worst having cold feet, they never warm up on their own! :)


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