Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter 2010 Part I with Yellow Snow

This year we have celebrated Easter with Devin's grandparents and will still have 4 more celebrations:  Devin's parents, my parents, my grandparents, and with our own boys.

We went to the Done family cabin outside of Payson.  We had yummy food, all the kids loved the Easter egg hunt and the adults had a fun time with Bingo.  It was great to visit with all the adults while the kids ran around and played.  It's always fun for me to get together with "Devin's family" and feel like they're just as much my family too!

Nana and the boys playing in the stream.  All the kids loved the running water.
Egg hunt...ready...set...go!
It took Henry a few eggs to understand what we were doing, but once he got it, he would get so excited about every egg he found!
I love this picture of Henry on the egg hunt!
Some of the eggs he spotted were in hard to reach places so he would just point and say please for me or Nana to get it.  Then he would be so excited to put it in his bag.
It was chilly, but that didn't stop Jax from running all over to fill his bag!
Henry enjoyed the benefits of his hard work!
Of course Jaxon did too.
Jaxon's prize from Bingo.  He's a pro by now.

After our day trip to the cabin, we drove back to Devin's parents' for dinner.  About 3 minutes after we started on our way, we made Jaxon get out to pee since we forgot to before we left.  Then he was able to stay up all through the 2 hour drive!  

When I took him potty we told him he could pee in the snow.  Boy, was he excited about that!  It was so funny because when he pees he takes his pants and shoes completely off so I was helping him balance ON his shoes while he peed.  All of a sudden, he lifted his legs up and I almost fell forward, face first, into the yellow snow.  I'm glad I didn't but it was a close one!  


The Stevens Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! They look so cute! i'm glad you didn't fall into the yellow snow too! :-)

Royalbird said...

That is funny about the yellow snow! And my boys have all done that--taken off pants, socks and shoes to potty.

vegan minus the flannel said...

I am sad we could not be there,although free disney tickets are kinda worth it! Cheers to another family Easter celebration on Sunday! - Reina

Lacee Herbert said...

Happy Easter to you!!!!!


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