Friday, March 5, 2010

My Brains

Jaxon was blowing bubbles outside when I heard a crash and he came running inside crying.  Here's the conversation:

"Honey, did you get an owie?"

"Yes.  I bonked my head."

"Oh, you bonked your head?"

"No, I mean I bonked my brains."

He is so funny.  I think he got that because Devin tells him things like, "Be careful.  If you fall you might hit your head and bonk your brains out."  

At least Jaxon listens sometimes.


More Than A Mom said...

Kids are hilarious. Hope it wasn't too serious.
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tatum810 said...

Following from FF!!!

50centlove said...

You have a cute blog. I'm following you now.

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Mass Hole Mommy said...

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ashley and wes said...

HA! that is so funny AND cute :) i love that you write down these cute little stories so you will always remember them!

joeandbridge said...

Good Evening! Happy Friday Follow! (on Sunday-lol) I am your newest follower. Come visit me :) and have a great week! Shoot me an email if you'd like me to subscribe, twitter or facebook.

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