Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jaxon Quotes

October 5, 2009
At the grocery store the other night...

Jaxon, "Mommy, are you sad?"
Ruthann, "Why would I be sad?"
Jaxon, "Because you don't have any money."
Ruthann, "Oh, yeah, a little I guess."
Jaxon, "Poor Mommy. Well...let's get some!"

Of course he knows nothing about our finances, but it was just so funny that he was asking and then offered what he thought to be an obvious solution!

October 8, 2009
While pretending to be Nephi, he told me...

Jaxon, "I'm being Nephi building a boat."
Ruthann, "If you are Nephi, is Henry Jacob?"
Jaxon, "Yes, Henry is Jacob and my daddy is Sam. He's not Sam I Am. He's just Sam."

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Austin and Ashtyn said...

haha that is great. I love that age, they say the funniest things! I am excited for Dax to start talking..


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