Saturday, October 24, 2009


Activity books to pass the time...check.
Potty break with Gramps
Day 1
California Adventure
Woody ride...loved it! him! her!
Granny & Gramps took the boys to see the Incredibles while Devin and I rode the Tower of Terror.
Jaxon wanted to touch his tail and wouldn't leave until he did.
Waiting for the Pixar Parade to start.
It's true!
Granny got Jaxon all the Captian Hook & Peter Pan accessories. He loves them!
You think he's a little tired?
Waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel.
Day 2 started out with a honey mishap...
It was Sunday, so after attending a Polynesian ward we took a drive to the beach. We just played in the sand. Henry fell and got sand in his mouth. It was just too cute.

Day 3
Jaxon wore his Buzz outfit. We saw Peter Pan.
I heart Peter.
I don't think he's ever been happier than on that Buzz ride!
Gramps & Jax defeating Emperor Zurg.
Henry with his alien.
So excited to meet Captain Hook!
And the Queen of Hearts!
Small World
They added Disney characters to the dolls in this ride and it's darling.
Small World
Dumbo, a favorite.
Henry decided to throw a fit while waiting to see Pooh-it was cute though.
Pooh-Henry's favorite!
Eeyore-so cute!
Tigger-I think Henry is a little nervous.
Goofy in his Fall outfit. Both Disneyland and California Adventure were decorated for the fall season and Halloween holiday. It was so fun to see it with different decorations.
Minnie in her Fall dress:)
Striking a pose after a Disney parade...
Character breakfast in Goofy's Kitchen. Why the pic is with Pluto? I'm not sure...
There's Goofy!
Mickey in Toon Town
This is moments before we realized Jaxon tossed his shoes out of the stroller to be lost for the remainder of the trip. The workers kept giving Devin a hard time about Jaxon not having shoes on the rides. He told them they were lost and someone (Granny) was bringing us a new pair. Like we'd bring our kid to Disneyland without shoes?! We reported the loss with Lost and Found and a few days after we got home the shoes arrived in the mail! Yeah! We were surprised and so glad!
Cute Minnie
Donald in his Halloween costume!
Hugs for Mickey!
Exhausted on the ride home.
It was a blast, but very tiring for everyone. I was ready to come home, but just days later I was longing to go back!


Connie said...

I just love Disneyland! Looks like you all had a blast- what fun (:

Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

looks like you guys had soo much fun! I love disney land!

shirley elizabeth said...

The picture with the peach is quite AMAZING.

Royalbird said...

How fun! Someday we'll be going there, but I'm not ready to tackle it with really small kids.

Brooke said...

The queen of hearts looks a little creapy!! Those pictures are so dang cute. Jaxon looks so excited on the Buzz ride. That is how my boys were. Who doesn't love shooting at bad guys??

ashley wright said...

Disneyland really is the best!!! PLUS, it's so much different and better when taking your own munchkin/munchkinS !!! looks like you had a GREAT time!!!

Ashlee said...

I love the pictures! Disneyland is so much fun.

Justin and Stefanie said...

ruthann your boys are adorable! and im so jealous you went to disneyland its the greatest! you look amazing! hope all is well :)

FRYER FAM said...

R it has been a are you. i wish i could have stopped & talked to at disney. it looks like you had a great time. have you been going to volleyball?

Tracy said...

Disneyland during Halloween is the best!!! Looks like you guys had fun!


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