Friday, October 30, 2009

Gym Pants, Friar Tuck & Alton

I just love these little pants on Henry! I think they are so cute!

Cutest little profile!
Those lips!
I love noodles. They are one of my favorite foods and they are one of Jaxon's favorites too. I think it's safe to say Henry will be joining the club with his mama and brother.

Isn't this a neat pic? I was trying to get one of Henry and he grabbed the camera. What a perfect little frame!
We got some Utah cherries and while Devin made a pie Jaxon said he was "Friar Cook" (Friar Tuck from Robbin Hood) because there is one scene in the movie where the Firar uses a spoon like this to taste soup.
Then after baths we usually read stories before putting the kids to bed. Jaxon had a good long nap today so he wasn't quite tired enough for bed yet. Daddy asked Jaxon if he wanted to watch a show with him and Jax said, "Yea! I wanna watch the one with Alton." Following in Daddy's footsteps...they both enjoy Good Eats with Alton Brown.
On a sad note, take a look at what's left of the fudge I got from Disneyland. It's not the best fudge I've ever had. The fact that it's still soft after being open for a month proves that it has more preservatives than any other fudge I've ever had. But I have been enjoying it a little at a time to make it last and it's almost gone:(
Now I'm off to enjoy some cuddle time with my hot husband! Yea for Friday nights!

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