Sunday, October 11, 2009

Projects, Projects, and More Projects

I canned peaches and applesauce with my mom. I'm glad she and I can do those things together.
Henry loves playing outside while we work, no matter how sweaty he gets. Every once in a while he'll climb back inside through the doggie door to cool off and climb up to see how we are doing.
Or, he'll pet Lumpy the cat. (The cat was originally named Whiskers, but his name changed to Lumpy because his fur gets matted in the winter when it grows in really thick so when you pet him, he feels all lumpy.)
DELICIOUS Utah peach. They don't grow them better anywhere else.
Henry loves the peaches too:) Here he is on our way to Disneyland! (Post coming up...)
Applesauce prep.
I have been painting our bedroom set. I like the set, it's very functional with a lot of storage, but it's super outdated looking. I love the way it's turning out!

2 coats primer
2 coats white
1 coat faux glaze
2 coats water based stain to protect it
I didn't like it...looked too
2 coats white
added distressed look by filing the edges
2 coats stain
new hardware
This is the only piece I have's gonna be a serious job.

I found this cute shirt (Not a very good pic; it's cuter in person):
Originally priced $50:
On clearance for $25:
But purchased by me for $5 at DI! Gotta love a bargain like that!

I went to the doctor for some spots on my shoulders. I've had them for a while, but recently they have started to spread much more so I thought I'd have it looked at. I took a pic to post, but it doesn't look quite right, so if you see me, check out my cool spots. The doc says it's called Tinea Versicolor--a skin fungus. What?! I have a fungus?? Yep. But, it's not contagious and it doesn't do anything bad to my body except look funky. He doesn't know how I got it and he said it couldn't be from using the machines at the Y or the public pool there. He gave me a cream to put on once a day and it should go away in a few weeks. Since he didn't give me too much info on it, I found this (it's kinda long, so feel free to skip, I just wanted the info). Source:

What is tinea versicolor? What are symptoms of tinea versicolor?

Tinea versicolor is a common fungal infection that often affects adolescents and young adults. The term versicolorrefers to the fact that it causes the affected skin to change color and become either lighter or darker than surrounding skin. The most common areas it affects are the shoulders, back, and chest. At times, it can affect folds of skin, such as the crook of the arm, the skin under the breasts, or the groin. The face is usually spared, although sometimes children can get it there. There may be just a few spots or so many that it gives the appearance that the affected skin is normal while the unaffected skin around it seems to have a problem.

What causes tinea versicolor?

Tinea versicolor is caused by a yeast called Malassezia furfur that lives in the skin of most adults. This exists in two forms, one of which causes visible spots. Factors that can cause the fungus to become more visible include high humidity and immune or hormone abnormalities. However, almost all people with this very common condition are perfectly healthy.

Because the tinea versicolor fungus is part of the normal adult skin, this condition is not contagious. It often recurs after treatment, but usually not right away, so that treatment needs to be repeated only every year or two.

Tinea versicolor patches that are brown or reddish-brown go right away after treatment. When this condition produces spots that are lighter than the surrounding skin, it may take several months for overall color to even out. It always eventually does. Tinea versicolor does not leave permanent skin discoloration.

What happens after the tinea versicolor has been treated?

As noted above, the rash of tinea versicolor tends to linger even after successful treatment, especially if the spots are lighter than surrounding skin. This persistent discoloration often leads people to think that the condition is still present long after it has been eradicated. It may take months for skin color to blend and look normal, but it always does. The red or brown variety of rash, on the other hand, clears up visually right away. It is, therefore, a good idea to have the condition treated as soon as new spots appear so that any discoloration lasts as short a time as possible.

Recurrence of the rash is all but inevitable, though it won't recur necessarily every year. Applying selenium sulfide or ketoconazole shampoo on affected areas once a week may slow the onset of recurrence, but is cumbersome and often not worth the effort, since the condition may not come back for a long time anyway.

A few patients posted that using apple cider vinegar on the skin twice a day helps.

Moving on...
When I left for the Y the other morning we had a half wall dividing our dining area and toy room. When I got home, this is what I saw...
Yea! Devin took it out! We patched the wall and just have to do the tile. I love how it's more open!

In place of that wall, now resides this cute little DI find. Also a bargain, priced down from $45 t $25:) It was a really ugly dark wood already painted with a quick coat of white. I wasn't sure if I wanted it white, but I didn't want to wait to go to the store and buy more paint, so I used the white I had. I did a couple coats to fix it up a bit, sanded the edges, a few coats of the clear glaze, and found some super cute knobs at Hobby Lobby.

I want a little workspace close to the playroom so the kids will keep out of the office. This way, I can see them while they play but still work on my own stuff.

I had a hard time deciding where to put the 2 flower knobs. I bought 2 because I thought the top drawers were level and was going to put them there, but the one is lower, so it doesn't look very good. But, I don't think it looks that great in between the green knobs either. Maybe I should use 1 flower and 4 green. Devin said to put the flowers on the 2 top drawers on the right side. I don't know...What do you think?
Update: As if anyone cares, but I put the flower on the big drawer and have 4 green knobs on the right drawers.

Okay, what do you think? I want to cut Henry's hair, but Devin says we gotta let it get a little thicker so he can have the cute curls like Jaxon had. I say it's not curly enough and looks too ratty to be cute. He also says if we put conditioner in it and comb it after his bath it will look cute. We'll try it, but I bet it'll still be a mess!

Oh, and this is the best stuff ever! Since it's less fat, the took out a lot of the nuts, so I don't love that, but it's so creamy and yummy!


brady lady said...

holy cow your boobs are huge in that top picture!

Fiery Jack said...

My votes:
One flower knob and 4 green ones.
Cut the kids hair.
Cookie Dough is better than Rocky Road.



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