Sunday, October 11, 2009

Devin's Birthday

Devin turned 26 on August 31. He wanted to make his own cake and it was delicious! It was chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, all from scratch, but do I even have to say that now? All you people know he would never make a boxed cake...or would he???

Anyway, he's old now so I just wanted to post the pic:)

AND...We went to his grandparents' cabin with his family to celebrate. Here's some pics from the trip...

B-day lunch--burgers at a Mexican food joint. They're supposed to be "the best."
Also at the Mexican food place...french fries? Yep.
B-day cake
Jaxon wanted to wear the helmet all day! It was kinda funny when he'd run into things because it was so big.
This is outside an antique shop. Devin was thrilled to go antiquing on his b-day trip! Ha-right...But, he was a good sport about it. Hen was just so cute!
Campfire and a few smores

Learning about gravel

Daddy teaching Henry about trees
Love those lips!

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brady lady said...

happy happy birthday devin!


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