Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Miles!

Yep, this week the long run was 10 miles. I ran it yesterday and I absolutely loved every second of it. Call me crazy, I know, right? But I felt so good through the whole run. My hips got a little tired at about the 8th mile, but my muscles and lungs stayed strong. I ran it with my mom (she's doing the marathon too). We averaged less than 10 minute miles. It was pretty cold outside, but I felt so good. I was able to really speed up the last half mile and finish strong. I think running on the treadmill for part of my training makes me really appreciate the chances I have to run outside. Today, I still feel good, but I can tell my knees are a little tired.

After I got home and took my shoes off this is what I found...Future star runner!

I guess he likes to point at the camera now.
When he gets tired he stands like this...I have no idea why he does it, but it's so funny!

This is totally random, but the other day I was making dinner--yep, I'm not kidding--and I was looking for something in the spice cupboard and just couldn't find it. Then I realized I was sifting through about 50 cans of spray oil, so I pulled them all out. This was what we had in there...

I snapped a pic and left them there for Devin to pick out what he wanted to keep. He did and put them away. But...I haven't cooked since, so I'm not sure how many are in there now!

1 comment:

Royalbird said...

The cooking sprays must be one of those things that you guys either buy when you can't remember if you have it, or you need a specific kind for one specific recipe. How funny though! We hardly ever even have one at our house, I prefer old-fashioned Crisco to cooking spray.


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