Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Sickies

This was kind of a strange weekend.  Friday we were home and I was able to get some work done, which was nice.  Devin even helped with some painting.

Saturday Devin worked and I took the kids to a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza, which was cra-zy!  There was so much going on in there...lights flashing, games making noise, tons of kids running everywhere...not quite my thing.  I get too nervous that my kids will get lost or stolen.  But, once Devin got there to help it was better.

Then, Sunday we stayed home from church because we were all little sickies.  Jaxon and Henry have had a cough, but then Henry started to have a fever.  My throat was sore.  Oliver had been up most of the night before because he was coughing so I slept in the recliner with him.  That means I didn't really sleep.  He slept all day Sunday and barely ate anything.  He did have a cough for a few days like the other boys, but I don't worry too much about a cough.  But once he stops eating, I start worrying.

I feels like all I did this weekend was paint, nap, and take care of poor little Oliver.  Devin and I didn't get any time together, which is a bummer.  I will be taking Oliver to the doctor this morning.

One fun thing we did was make a chocolate cake.  My brother's birthday was this month so Devin made him a vegan chocolate cake.  It was SO delicious.  Since we gave that one away, Devin made another non-vegan one.  It was also SO delicious.  I have a few pounds to lose and these yummy desserts aren't helping!

Oh, that reminds me, I ran on Saturday!  It felt so good.  I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes so it wasn't my usual pace, but I will work up to it.  I'm a little sore in my inner thigh and shin muscles, but those are the only places.  I guess one run in with Jillian Michaels was enough to prepare my muscles for running.


The Stevens Family said...

Darn it! i hope they get feeling better! Dawson had what seemed to be a cold, then a bad cough started up, next thing I checked was a bad sore throat, and then the fevers started this last weekend. It was RSV :-( I hope you guys don't have that

Thorne Family said...

Your run sounds great!!! I think it's impressive that you could do 2 miles in 20 mins. !!!! And that only your legs were sore, that's a plus!! Keep it up!!!


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