Thursday, February 3, 2011

Has Anyone Seen My Husband?

First, this is not a pity post.  So don't think I'm typing this thinking about how hard my life is.  Because that's not what I'm saying.  My life is beautiful and I totally enjoy it.

Plus, I know many women are in the same boat as me and would probably give an amen to what I'm about to complain about...  (Busy husbands who are overwhelmed with work and school.)

Monday:  Devin on the computer all night doing homework
Tuesday:  Devin on the computer all night doing homework
Wednesday:  Devin gone in the evening for church meeting
Thursday:  Devin gone in the evening for Parent Night at work
Friday:  Devin gone to wrestling meet
Saturday:  Devin possibly gone to wrestling meet, depending on how well they do on Friday.  Is it bad that I hope they all lose?

Devin has had wrestling meets on 3 of the past 5 Saturdays and 4 of the Fridays.

Maybe I should join the high school wrestling team so I can spend some time with my husband.


The Stevens Family said...


brady lady said...

tell me about it!

GabeandKatieBru said...

I'll trade you, he can spend 14 out of 21 months in Afghanistan.

Lola said...

YES! I'm there...Brady working two jobs and doing school online is a KILLER...but it will be worth it, right! I do get to order pizzas and request he delivers if I really need to see him at night.

Kaisi said...

Oh my heck! I totally hear ya girl. Marc is in the same boat. He hasn't been home one night this week and won't either. Story of my life lately to be home alone. It seems sometimes like it's never ending, but don't worry wrestling season will come to an end... someday!

Royalbird said...

I don't know what's worse--him being gone all the time or the fact that when my husband finally is home for an evening or a day, all he wants to do is watch TV.


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