Thursday, February 24, 2011


Anyone else a fan of the show Smallville?  Devin and I love it!  We started with season 1 a couple weeks ago and have watched an episode almost every day since.  We weren't into it when it started so we aren't current, but we'll get through the series eventually.

The music from seasons 1 and 2 really reminded us of high school.  It took us back to the memories of when we first met and were starting to get to know each other.  Besides how great the show is, that was a fun part about watching it too.

Oh, and I have so much to blog about, but hardly the time to do it.  I really miss writing.  I don't really know how many people read our blog regularly, but I like to make the posts be about more than just pictures of the kids.  I think it's fun to write about random stuff and I usually get fun comments.  Anyway, I hope to get caught up soon.  I forgot how time consuming a newborn is.


Kayleen said...

Jesse and I LOVE Smallville. We did the same thing as you, started watching it from Season 1 last Fall. Now we're dying to see season 10, but it's already half way over so we have to wait til it comes out.

Tracy said...

Me and Cody watched Smallville when we were engaged. We don't watch it anymore, :( but whenever I see a commercial on TV it takes me right back!


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