Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oliver's Blessing

Our family on Oliver's blessing day.
 Mama & Ollie
I would have liked a picture of everyone who came, but I didn't want to attempt it when there were so many people and we were all hungry.  So, here's who came:  Grandpa & Connie, Jeni, Grandma & Grandpa Done, Granny & Gramps, Oma, Nana & Papa, Elisha & Josh, Reina, Alisa & Danny & family, Jonny & Mindy & family.  

Oh, and it was really cold a few weeks ago!  This is a fountain by Jaxon's preschool.  He had to get out of the car and touch it.


Bryce and Candice said...


Ashley@Divorced&21 said...

oliver and olivia were ALWAYS my favorite names growing up I wanted to name my daughter olivia so I could call her livi


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